Hermanos Inglés has many years of experience within the road freight sector, dedicated to the transport of full loads on both a national and international level.

At present its wide fleet of vehicles consists of:



  • Open box semi-trailers (up to 13.5 m.)
  • Semi-tauliners.
  • Tipper semi-trailers.
  • Platforms for the transport of coils.
  • Flatbeds.



At present we have 8 presses in different areas of the country, as well as in Portugal, France and Morocco, which carry out the service of pressing for various scrap yards and steel works.


Shearing and shredding

At present we have 4 static and 2mobile shredders that enable us to deal with various types of scrap metal.

Waste Collection

Waste Collection

Hermanos Inglés offer a quick and efficient service: collecting various types of solid waste from any type of industry as well as from agricultural installations.

For this type of collection we have a fleet of boxed trucks fitted with self-loading cranes.

Container Rental

We offer small and large containers for rent by industrial companies and individuals who require waste collection carried out by a specific type of truck.


  • Demolition of buildings and industrial installations.
  • Dismantling of large tanks (airports, etc.)

Vehicle pressing


  • Authorized Treatment Centres (CARD) for recycling and decontamination of end-of-life vehicles (AU/GR/ 2003/1525)
  • Processing of vehicle un-registration with the Spanish Traffic Authority (D.G.T.).
  • Collection of vehicles within the "Plan Prever" programme.
  • Vehicle removal service.
  • Press trucks for balling vehicles.


  • Collection with approved transport as per the ADR treaty (RT 2012.0068 )
  • Storage in standardized plastic containers (AU/GR/1999/289)
  • Delivery to the end waste manager
  • Issuance of acceptance documents