Our company

A lifetime committed to recycling

Hermanos Inglés is a company located in Pozo-Estrecho with over 90 years experience, dedicated to the recovery, pressing and dismantling of ferrous and non-ferrous material, cardboard and plastic; as well as national and international road freight.

We are well established in Spain with centres in Alhama de Murcia and Alicante; with branches in Murcia, Seville, Malaga, as well as internationally, serving customers from both within and outside the EU, which allows us to fully guarantee the supply needs of our customers and to render waste management services to our suppliers.

Committed to the growing legal requirements on environmental matters, we maintain a constant up to date certification in compliance with standards governing Health & Safety, Environmental Management and Quality Management, and we have obtained the following certification standards: UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004, as well as UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 China.

Hermanos Inglés S.A, is one of the few Spanish companies, first in the region of Murcia, with the Chinese governmental authorisation for the direct export of ferrous and ferrous, metals, paper, carton and plastic to China (AQUSIC license #1300286).

We owe what we are to our clients and suppliers and for this reason we continually strive to offer them an efficient, top-quality service.

Network of clients and suppliers

We have a wide network of suppliers in Spain, France and Portugal, and customers in Germany, England, Belgium, Holland, Austria, France, Portugal, Turkey and China.

A little information about us

Our beginnings date back to the 1920s when we collected rags and cordage using a horse and cart.

The company purchased the first motor vehicle in 1936 and in 1950 we started trading in scrap metal and cardboard.

Hermanos Inglés is a pioneer company in the pressing of scrap metal (cars, steel, metal), cardboard and plastics.

Thus, in 1979 the company devised the first mobile press in Spain, which was installed on a trailer-like base and pulled along by a tractor cab, enabling the machinery to be transported wherever needed.

At present we have presses all over the country, as well as in Portugal, France and Morocco, which carry out the service of pressing for various scrap yards and steel works.

In 2006 we opened the plant in Alhama.

The company Cano Inglés, S.L. was estabished in Espinardo, Murcia on 13 December 2010.

On 8 March 2011 Hermanos Inglés S.A. was authorised by the Cartagena Port Authorities to exclusively use a 4,000 m2 plot on the South Quay of the Escombreras Dock for storing scrap and loading ships weighing between 4,000 and 25,000 ton.

The March 17, 2011 was awarded a prize for Hermanos Inglés by the FREMM (Regional Federation of Metal Industry)

In late 2011 Tomás y Manuel Inglés Gómez were honored by the Spanish Federeción Recovery.

On 19 December 2011 Inglés Steel, S.L, was set up in Dos Hermanas (Seville).

In 2013 we opened a new plant in Alfaz Del Pi (Alicante).

On December of 2013, Hermanos Inglés S.A, obtains the Chinese governmental authorisation for the direct export of ferrous and ferrous, metals, paper, carton and plastic to China (AQUSIC license #1300286)

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